C37CSSZ65PM5004 Coverking Sun Shade mylar foam coverking tailored reflective silver $34.99 C37CSSZ65PM5004 Coverking Sun Shade Car Coverking Tailored Sun Shade. New Direct Fit Mylar Foam COVERKING REFLECTIVE MYLAR FOAM SUN SHADES. If You Want To Save Yourself From The Extreme Heat Build up Inside Your Vehicle After It's Been Sitting All Day, Try Coverking's Reflective Mylar Foam Sun Shade For A Get In and go without frying Experience. Coverking, Started In 1986, Is Based In Southern California And Has Become Regarded As A Leading Manufacturer And Distributor Of Automotive Aftermarket Accessories, Particularly With Regard To Vehicle Covers. Eliminates Heat Damage To Trim, Dashboard And Upholstery Made Of Dependable Mylar And Thick Foam Core Keeps Heat Off Your Vehicle For A Pleasant Get in and go Experience Direct Fit By Yearmakemodel Simply Roll Up And Velcro Closed When Not In Use No Complicated Accordion Folding Custom, Yet Still Flexible Fit With 1 year Coverking Limited Warranty

These three layers work together to provide the best. Lastly an inner Mylar lining adds rigidity to your Coverking SunShade it holds its.

Buy Coverking Custom Windshield Sunshade for Select Honda.

Coverking Custom Windshield Sunshade Custom Tailored Fit for Specific Vehicle Year Make and Model Reduces Interior Temperatures Rolls up and Stores.

Up and Stores. The inside layer is plain Mylar which adds rigidity and protects the middle foam layer C37csc1p1pm7004 Coverking Seat Cover Front Row. Coverking Custom Windshield Sunshade for Select Toyota Prius Models Reflective Mylar Foam Silver Windshield Sunshades FREE. To learn more about one of these? Then a center core of high density foam insulates against overheating.

Custom Shield C37cdcc2ol030 Coverking Dash Cover Suede Mat Coverking Tailored Gray.

Coverking Custom Windshield Sunshade for Select Honda.

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